What It’s All About

My story:

Before I developed IBS, I was greatly interested in health, nutrition, and fitness. I read widely on health and nutrition, and applied this to my everyday life. I was a frequent at the gym and enjoyed both the external and internal benefits of these ways of life. When I developed IBS, this went downhill drastically. Eating became such a chore and a stress that I became lazy and chose the easy option when eating, forgetting to vary my diet and think consciously about what nutrients I needed. As a vegan at the time, I suffered both physically and mentally from such a restricted diet.

After suffering from these consequences, I decided to explore the world of Low FODMAP eating with a more open mindset. I reintroduced fish, egg, and dairy in moderation back into my diet, and rediscovered my love for health and fitness.

This website is a space for talking about living with IBS, adapting recipes for IBS sufferers, thinking about alternative sources for getting the right vitamins and minerals, and thinking about fitness and wellbeing. While my focus is on talking about what people are now deeming as healthy diets, screening advice and recipes through the low FODMAP criteria, pleasures and indulgences will not be forgotten – us IBS sufferers deserve a treat too!

I am not a nutritionist and will never claim to be. The diets I will discuss are from my own research online and in books, put out as options but with an IBS friendly twist. And I will never claim to be a fitness expert, but I will try my best to talk about different types of exercise I have tried, tested, and loved.

I hope my writing is of some value to you, and I welcome your own stories, recipes, and advice about dealing with this condition which, for so many of us,  can be so hard to stomach.

Disclaimer: all IBS sufferers are different, and different foods affects everyone in different ways. My recipes and advice are based on the standard low FODMAP diet, along with a consideration of my own personal tolerances. Therefore just be aware that some of these foods may effect you differently.