Spag/Courgetti alla Puttanesca – IBS friendly

This recipe is taken and adapted from the Eating Well website:

I have taken this Italian dish and given it a little bit of tweaking, not just to make it low FODMAP, but also to add a bit more veg into the mix.

Serves 4 – takes 30 minutes to make – low FODMAP – Gluten Free


4 Anchovy fillets, chopped  –  Olive oil  –  1 tsp Garlic Small handful of chives, chopped  –  2 tins of Cherry tomatoes with their juices  –  Pinch of salt  –  150g Gluten free spaghetti  –  200g Courgette  –  Handful of olives  –  1 tsp Coarsely chopped fresh oregano  –  Feta cheese


Heat up olive oil in a large frying pan or wok. Fry the anchovies and chives for a few minutes. As an option, you could add another type of fish as well, cut into small pieces. Add the tomatoes and salt, and cook for about 20 minutes.


Spiralise the courgette. Add any left over chunks or shavings to the tomato sauce.

Boil the spaghetti and courgetti together in a large pan for about 10 minutes until cooked.

Add olives and oregano to the sauce. Drain the spaghetti and courgetti and combine it with the sauce. Crumble feta on top to serve.


My family loved this dish! Great tasting, easy on the stomach, and made super healthy by replacing half the spaghetti portion with courgetti.

Simple Fish Stew – IBS friendly

This recipe is adapted from the BBC Good Food website:

Another mediterranean style dish which has plenty of veg and is really easy to make!

Serves 6; takes 30 minutes to prepare and cook; 114 calories per portion; Gluten free; low FODMAP


Olive oil  –  2 tsp Fennel seeds  –  250g Carrots  –  4 Celery Sticks 60g Celery stick, 60g Bok Choy  –  60g Kale  –  4 Garlic cloves Large handful of chives  –  4 Leeks  Large handful of leek leaves, shredded    800g Canned chopped tomatoes  –  4 Skinless pollock or Salmon fillets, cut into chunks  –  200g prawns – 500ml fish stock


Cut up the vegetables into small chunks and pieces. Heat up a couple of tablespoons of oil in a large pan. Add the fennel seeds, carrots, celery, bok choy, kale, and chives, and cook for about 5 minutes until starting to soften.

Add the leek leaves, tomatoes, and fish stock. Season and bring to boil. Cover and simmer for 20 minutes until veg is tender and sauce has thickened and reduced slightly.

Add the fish and prawns and boil for about 5 more minutes until cooked. Either serve as it is in soup bowls, or, alternatively, with rice.

Note: most stock cubes will have certain ingredients in them, including onion and garlic, which are not low FODMAP. I find that because it is in small quantities and they are not proper chunks of these ingredients that it doesn’t affect me, but it may affect people who are more sensitive. Instead, you could try making your own stock, or, as an easier option, just use hot water and a selection of herbs.