Mediterranean Salad – IBS friendly

Keeping in tune with trying out the mediterranean diet, I decided to create a simple lunchtime salad which incorporated lots of classic foods from this cuisine. I actually rarely eat salads as I find they just don’t fill me up, but packing it full of vegetables and healthy fats medi-style seems to be keeping my energy levels up for much longer.

Serves 1 person; takes 10 minutes to make; 230 calories; can be made vegetarian or vegan; gluten free; low FODMAP


50g Carrots  –  50g Aubergine  –  50g Courgette  –  Lettuce  –  3 Cherry tomatoes  –  Olive oil  –  Handful of olives  –  Feta  –  Smoked salmon  –  Tomato and basil pasatta – Sunflower seeds


Preheat baking tray in oven, with some olive oil spread around the tray.

Dice carrots, aubergine, courgettes and tomatoes (unless you decide to have the tomatoes raw). Spread them around the baking tray, spray some oil on them, and roast for 10 minutes.

While they cook, shred the lettuce and the smoked salmon. Put them in a mixing bowl and mix in the olives, roasted veg, sunflower seeds, and a small amount of the passata for some extra flavour . Finally, crumble feta into the salad.

Variation Suggestions 

  • Try making it vegetarian by using tofu
  • or go one step further by dumping the feta as well and making it vegan
  • Try varying the fish: maybe tuna or anchovies?
  • Try a mix of different vegetables
  • instead of the passata, try mixing it with vinegar and olive oil, or maybe a pesto

And I’m sure you can think of many many more variations – let me know if you find any great ones!